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System Builder

System Overview

Designed to keep you mission capable from -40°F and above, the Axios clothing system can be worn in a variety of ways and customized to the users needs and dynamic environmental conditions. Layers can be added, or removed within the system to accommodate Active and Static use profiles.

Active [A1-A5]

Active sub-system layers are optimized for moisture transport, rapid evaporation, and breathability during high energy output.

Static [A3-A7]

Static sub-system layers are designed to trap body heat and protect against external moisture in extreme cold environments where energy output is low.


Extreme Cold

-40° - 0°F

Extreme cold environments are usually dry and sunny. Wind resistance and insulation are generally a higher priority than protection from rain. Depending on whether your activity is more static or active, high-loft layers may be required.



0° - 32°F

Environments that are Cold/Dry are usually windier and slightly more insulated from cloud coverage. Wind protection and insulation are key considerations when planning for a Cold/Dry environment. It is also important to ensure you are using layers that wick moisture away from your skin to keep you warm.



32° - 45°F

In a Cold/Wet environment, staying dry is the key to temperature regulation. A waterproof shell will protect you from environmental moisture like rain and snow and highly breathable insulating layers will pull excess perspiration away from your body.



Above 45°F

In Temperate/Wet environments, you want to balance breathability and protection from the elements. Our soft-shell layers will provide plenty of protection from light rain and wind while providing optimal breathability. These layers are generally ultra lightweight and can be easily reconfigured depending on energy output.


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