Portrait of a Survivor: Rudy Reyes

This Spring, we ventured to Iceland with a film crew and Recon Marine Rudy Reyes. Rudy tells his story of survival amidst a backdrop of the Icelandic landscape.

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  1. Matt

    Hard and yet soft at the same time. :)

  2. Jack Timar

    Awesome. Thanks for the video.

  3. Michael

    Great visuals, but who wrote that script?

    You lost me at “state of readiness that’s supported by creation…” :-)

    Rudy is awesome in this video, as always.

    • Steve

      Yup, that narrative was a little over the top I have to admit…great video though.

      Wait for Brenda’s reply…3…2…

  4. Jared

    Iceland is a beautiful backdrop but your selling “the ring road” as a harsh landscape of survival in which thousands of tourists every year do what Rudy is doing with shorts and flip-flops including myself. I was Navy EOD and a lot of our gear was Beyond. You want to show your gear doing what its meant for not beautiful waterfalls that I can drive to with my car. I find Rudy’s pontificating to be a little much. I forgot if it was an Ad for Beyond or a plug for his book. Props to Recon though. Solid group of guys. It was well shot but needs to be more honest. Check out my Instagram of Iceland shots: jarednaegele

      • Rooney

        Must be that day of the month, eh Brenda…

  5. Brenda Bennett

    Very moving….very spiritual….very beautiful. I admire Mr. Reyes for the “truth” in his soul.
    Fabulous footage – brilliantly done. BEYOND has the perfect spokesperson in Rudy Reyes.
    I’ve purchase some of the BEYOND items – stellar!

  6. Armando

    “Day to day existence is a cage. To become truly free, we must break out of that cage and explode through these limits which are mostly emotional. Without that battle being won all other battles in your life are going nowhere. Ethical, moral, spiritual purity in a universe that conspires to be chaotic is the ultimate war.” Whoa, this struck a nerve at my core. Thank You!

  7. That’s not Rudy! The Rudy we know doesnt wear a shirt…ever. As well, this guy is’nt carrying a ketel bell. Rudy doesnt go anywhere or do anything without a ketel bell. Clearly, an imposter!!!
    Just kidding!
    We have nothing but love and the higest respect for our friend. Another beautiful piece of art Mr. Reyes.
    In good health!
    From all of us at Triton Self-Reliance

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